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In late 2016, I set up my first pull list a friendly local comic shop. Can I just say how much I love my comic shop? Comic shops can have a reputation for being less than friendly to folks who don’t present as cis white men, so to walk into a comic shop that hires women, people of color, and basically folks who don’t look like your stereotypical geek can be refreshing. To me, one of the things it says is that they’re welcoming to customers who don’t look like the stereotypical geek. Anyway. Comics. I’ve been happily going into my comic shop, picking up my pull list, and generally being really excited about comics. And then I’d get home, where I’ve been really bad about actually reading the comics I bought. At this point, my comics TBR pile is fucking huge. And then I saw that Bout of Books 21 is happening this week. As Jessica Pryde over on Book Riot points out, comics make for great readathon material. So I figured why not have myself a bout of comics this week? In case you’re wondering, I’ll be participating mostly on twitter, so if you’re looking for me, hit me up over there.

And honestly, a part of me wishes there was a readathon that focused on comics.

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