Confessions of a comic book newbie: I have no idea whether I like the art in comics

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One of the things I’m always ashamed to admit is that I have no idea how to talk about art – whether it be the art in comics or elsewhere. I just don’t have a lot of experience talking about art in general and I mostly lack the appropriate tools to discuss them.

And I’m finding that because I don’t know how to talk about art, I’ve gotten really overwhelmed by it. One of my coping mechanisms for things that overwhelm me is to not think about it. And when I don’t think about something, I’m not going to actively find a way of rectifying the situation. See where this is going?

So instead of looking at comic book art, I’m mostly ignoring it – choosing instead to focus on the story.

Let’s take Ms. Marvel for example. I absolutely love that Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American Muslim teen. This might be the YA lover in me, but I totally appreciate her struggles to fit in. I’ll probably be cheering for her in that regard to my last breath. Despite my love of the story, I have no fucking idea whether I like the art in Ms. Marvel or not. Well, I mostly have no idea. I’ve seen some people comment that they don’t care for the art in Ms. Marvel. So I went beck and read the first two Ms. Marvel trades (having only previously read it in single issues). And you know what? I found myself thinking, “yeah, I guess I can see what these folks are saying….” But you know what? I had to stop myself. I went into that reading of Ms. Marvel with those comments in mind, which is never a good idea if I’m wanting to form my own opinion about something. In a situation like this, I can’t be sure if I would have come to this conclusion on my own or not.

The truth is that when it comes to comics, I read the test on the page and largely ignore the art. I mean, I look at the art to the extent that it helps tell the story, but I put zero thought into what I do and don’t like about the art. Does that make sense? And I know – I know – I’m doing it wrong but I have no idea how to change this habit.

Help me internet: how can I fix this issue?

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