Three things I loved about Sailor Moon season three


To recap a few things: I’m recently watched the original Sailor Moon anime for the first time. That’s right – I wasn’t subjected to the English dub that aired in the States in the 1990s. I’ve heard various things about the dub (and undoubtedly so have you), but since I haven’t seen it, I can’t comment. I have yet to see any of Sailor Moon Crystal and the first arch is pretty much all the manga I read. I started watching Sailor Moon because I was interested in trying out some anime, I didn’t know much, and Sailor Moon was something I’d heard of.

Since I recently finished season three of the original anime (also known as Sailor Moon S), I wanted to talk about three things I loved about the season.

  1. Meeting the Outer Senshi.
    I’m not going to lie: this was something I’d really been looking forward to. We were introduced to Sailor Pluto in season two, but didn’t see much of her. Not only did we get more of her in season three, but we were introduced to Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. While it’s never explicitly stated, Uranus and Neptune are pretty obviously lesbian lovers and a very welcome addition to the show. The Outer Senshi has a very different approach to fighting the bad guys and were an interesting juxtaposition to the Inner Senshi.
  2. Chibi-Usa was far less annoying.
    Of the three seasons I’ve seen so far, the second has been my least favorite. I think Chibi-Usa is the primary reason I disliked season two. I just found her really annoying – perhaps because I don’t really like little kids? So when Chibi-Usa returned for season three, I was kind of bummed at first, but was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t annoy me. In fact, I enjoyed her as Sailor Chibi-Moon. I don’t know if I found her less annoying because she grew on me or if the character has grown. Also, it seemed like she had less screen time in season three than season two, though I don’t know if that’s accurate or just my perception. And can I just say that her relationship with Sailor Pluto is really sweet?
  3. The villains of season three could be hilarious.
    I loved that Mimete was obsess with celebrities. It amused me that every time the Sailor Senshi defeated one of the witches, a handwritten sign would appear on their door indicating how many witches were left.

Which season of Sailor Moon is your favorite and why?

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